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The Adventures of Seabirds on Android Just Begin...

Shamrock Games Launches Seabirds to Google play

Moscow —January 22, 2013—Shamrock Games, a Russian mobile games developer, today announced the launch of Seabirds for Android smartphones and tablets. The game can be now downloaded on Google play for free. This mind-boggling puzzle adventure game boasts vivid graphics, clever level-design, and highly likable characters. The game is available in multiple languages.


Seabirds is the definition of simple story made fun. The basic premise follows four inseparable penguin friends - Jimmy, Carl, Vincent and Amanda – who have stepped up to the plate in order to aid their troubled colony whose fish supply has run-out.


Check out how the story began in the Seabirds trailer!


But, in order to obtain the prized Golden Fish, the player must help the team of friends overcome various obstacles, with the entire fate of the colony resting on the player’s ability to successfully complete levels. As you obtain more fish you unlock new characters and worlds, so you’re always experiencing something new. The power rests entirely in the players’ hands, as they have the option of completing levels skilfully, or to unlock all the worlds at once.


“With a try&buy version of Seabirds, we now offer a great opportunity to try out an amazing puzzle adventure game for free. People can discover over 25 levels of puzzle fun and make their decision on buying the full game version. In the last one the players will be able to test their logic and reasoning skills, in addition to their ability to judge time, while still maintaining an air of fun and adventure.” says Vitali Wiegel, Director of Shamrock Games.




  • 70 levels of pure puzzle-arcade adventure, including 10 stellar bonus levels.

  • Unique main characters: Amusing penguins, comical fish, quirky albatrosses, a hungry shark and more.

  • Different types of objects and gadgets to diversify gameplay.

  • Five worlds, five funny friends, dozens of surprises.

  • Reset option, allowing players to start over.


Seabirds’ Google play link:


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January 22, 2013